Monster Coloring Pages

by Priscilla Warren | Last Updated: November 15, 2021

Children are fascinated by monsters and the unknown creatures that lurk in their closets. Even parents get into the act by mentioning the boogeyman or other scary stories passed down through the generations.

This collection of coloring pages tries not to be too scary. Some of the monster pages here are downright lovable even.

Have your kids try some spooky-looking colors like green or bright blue for some of the monster’s skin or fur. Red eyes will surely look frightening too! Have fun and if they don’t like how their monster turned out, you can print another coloring page, no problem.

All Monster Coloring Pages

  • Monster Sue Coloring Page

    Monster Sue Coloring Page

    Monster Sue would love for you to color her in. What color should her skin be? Its up to your imagination!

  • Happy Monster Cupcakes Coloring Page

    Cupcakes spelled out under a happy monster

    I know what this happy little monster loves to eat. It’s cupcakes! Color in all of the different types of cupcakes surrounding the little guy.

  • Monsters Under Bridge Coloring Page

    Monsters Under a Bridge

    Print and color these three happy monsters under a bridge. Are they mean like trolls? I don’t think so, they look pretty chill to me.

  • Good Morning Monsters Coloring Page

    Four Happy Monsters Wishing You a Good Morning

    You will have a great morning when you color in these four happy monsters on this page.

  • Four Monsters Coloring Page

    Four Monsters Coloring Page

    These four cute monsters are all different and can look anyway you want them to. These coloring pages are easy to print and create art with.

  • Monsters in Space Coloring Page

    Monsters in Space Coloring Page

    Who knows what kind of weird, monstrous creatures lurk in the deep corners of space? Not these guys, these space monsters are a friendly bunch.

  • Monster Party Coloring Page

    Monster Party Coloring Page

    Who says monsters don’t know how to have fun? Invite these not-so-scary creatures over to your birthday and the party will really be a blast.

  • Monster Bob Coloring Page

    Monster Bob Coloring Page

    Color monster Bob any way you want to. He doesn’t mind, in fact he loves to see what all the children change his colors to.

  • I Luv Monsters Coloring Page

    I Luv Monsters Coloring Page

    Not everyone thinks monsters are scary and bad. Some friendly monsters can be your pals and this coloring page lets them know you love them.