Shark Coloring Pages

by Priscilla Warren | Last Updated: November 17, 2021

Sharks are fearsome underwater creatures, but you can safely color them from the comfort of your home. Just print these awesome coloring pages of sharks and color them in any way you like.

Or get creative and try combining different pictures to create awesome new sharks that never existed before.

All Shark Coloring Pages

  • Leopard Shark Coloring Page

    Leopard Shark Coloring Page

    nother shark with large spots is the leopard shark. These sharks live mainly along the California coast. Luckily they don’t seem to mind humans at all!

  • Goblin Shark Coloring Page

    Goblin Shark Coloring Page

    Down in the darkest depths of the ocean lives the creepy-looking goblin shark. It’s nose sticks out almost like a sword!

  • Angel Shark Coloring Page

    Angel Shark Coloring Page

    Angel sharks love to swim just above the floor of the ocean. They have very flat bodies that remind me of a sting ray!

  • Bull Shark Coloring Page

    Bull Shark Coloring Page

    Bull sharks like to travel close to shore and can be dangerous to people. They can also travel back and forth from salt water to fresh water like lakes and rivers.

  • Tiger Shark Coloring Page

    Tiger Shark Coloring Page

    Tiger sharks get their name from the gray stripes and spots on the sides of their bodies. They also love to eat anything – one tiger shark even ate a license plate!

  • Mako Shark Coloring Page

    Mako Shark Coloring Page

    Mako sharks are the fastest sharks living today. In fact, they are called the ‘cheetahs of the ocean.”

  • Megalodon Shark Coloring Page

    Megalodon Shark Coloring Page

    Megalodons are the largest sharks that ever lived! Unfortunately they are now extinct but people are still finding their teeth on beaches around the world.

  • Hammerhead Shark Coloring Page

    Hammerhead Shark Coloring Page

    I don’t know about you but I love the way hammerhead sharks look. Those eyes at the ends of their flat head make it so they can find their prey more easily!

  • Nurse Shark Coloring Page

    Nurse Shark Coloring Page

    Nurse sharks love to swim at the bottom of the ocean and just lounge around during the day. But at night they start looking for food such as sea urchins and squid. But don’t worry – they like to stay far away from humans.

  • Great White Shark Coloring Page

    Great White Shark Coloring Page

    This is one of the biggest and baddest sharks in the ocean. Let’s hope we don’t see him on our next beach trip!