Giraffe Coloring Pages (Free Print and Download PDF)

by Priscilla Warren | Last Updated: November 14, 2021

This page contains all of our free downloadable PDF giraffe coloring pages that you may use for purposes like crafts, games, teaching materials, or just to give your giraffes some relief from their stiff necks.

All Giraffe Coloring Pages

The giraffe is a large, long-necked animal with brown/tan fur. They live in the savannahs of Africa and are most commonly found in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, and South Africa. Giraffes eat leaves from trees that are high up above the ground where they can reach them. The giraffe’s coat is patterned with dark patches called “circles” which help it to blend into the shadows on the ground when predators approach.

Did you know: Giraffes are also known as camel-leopards. A giraffe has spotted skin just like the leopard, but it is much taller, like a camel!

Did you know: The giraffe can run up to 37 mph for short periods! To put that into perspective, an Olympic runner only goes about 23 miles per hour.